A New Approach to Enhance International Cooperation in Higher Education on Renewable Energies

Questionnaire for Students

Thank you for your interest in the new ISES education initiative InCoRE. This initiative is a new approach to connect students and professors/teachers around the world and to enhance global cooperation in higher education. This program will offer support for students in the field of renewable energy by connecting them to international professors and other specialists.

The cooperation program shall strengthen global ties in the field of renewable energy research, promote international exchange and help provide students worldwide with up-to-date information about the scientific state of the art in their field of research.

Target group is students who are just before or at the beginning of their theses on a topic of renewable energy or energy efficiency or students looking for internships opportunties. Important: Please contact your main supervisor to obtain their permission for you to participate in the program. Then please complete the questionnaire to take part.

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